A Puzzle Like No Other

With over 40 levels to tease and intrigue you Tri-me will delight and frustrate many.  Some people fly through the early levels, just to trip up on the harder levels.  Some start really slowly but build the strategies that help them master the later levels.  What path will you take to meet the challenge of Tri-me?

An intriguing puzzle App for the iPhone and iPod Touch.  If you like the challenge of solving unusual puzzles, Tri-me might be for you.

To Play Tri-me

Move triangular tiles around on a grid of triangular cells by tapping in a tile’s corner.

The objective is to make a connected path through all the tiles on the level, starting and ending your path with an arrow tile.  Don’t forget you can only move tiles into the empty dark-green cell space.

Once you have completed some levels play Tri-me over again to see if you can complete the levels in the target number of moves.


Check out your best-ever results by choosing the ‘Scores’ button from the main menu.

For each level you have completed you’ll see your best number of moves and the goal for that level.